The"Heart" and "Pulse" Of Boise County
Experience Boise County With Garden Mountain Radio

GMR Mission Statement

Garden Mountain Radio is an interactive radio station that seeks to inform and engage and to build the communities of Boise County through communication. With the use of the internet radio and social media combined, there is the ability to reach a wider audience and facilitate economic growth for Boise County. 
Mission and Purpose:

  • Provide a common resource for news, music, information, entertainment, local features and sports.
  • Encourage the free exchange of information, resources, culture, and wisdom to make a positive difference in Boise County.
  • Assist in making our communities a thriving place to be through sharing of events and news and providing the Emergency Broadcasts when needed.
  • Focus on promoting our communities through tourism: through radio excellence we will create a unique community resource, one that promotes connections and fosters a sense of belonging and working together.
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